Policy note over care after cancer

​In the year 2019, care after cancer in Belgium is still too limited. For this reason, the College of Oncology, together with the CancerCentre (Sciensano) and Kom op tegen Kanker, took the initiative to formulate six care after cancer improvement  priorities based on the input from a Round Table with key stakeholders (patient representatives, health care professionals and policy officers) held in November 2018. These priorities were included in a policy paper of the 5th of July 2019 and a report on the conclusions of the Round table was written.

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The Belgian Board of Oncology supports Rentree

Returning to work is an important step for many (former) cancer patients after being ill. However, a lot of (ex-)cancer patients experience problems returning to work due to physical, cognitive and/or psychological problems. Rentree was set up to meet the need for specialized (intensive) guidance in the context of returning to work after cancer or continuing work during treatment.

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