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Belgian Board of Oncology

The Belgian Board of Oncology has been established in the Royal Decree on the Oncological Care Programme enacted in 2004. The composition is of a multidisciplinary nature and is a reflection of the multidisciplinarity of daily oncological care. The mission is the evaluation of oncological activities and to monitor the quality of oncological care. To date, various initiatives have been taken to this end within the relevant working groups. One of the most important working groups is the working group ‘Oncology Manual and Guidelines for Clinical Practice’.

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The Belgian Board of Oncology supports Rentree

Returning to work is an important step for many (former) cancer patients after being ill. However, a lot of (ex-)cancer patients experience problems returning to work due to physical, cognitive and/or psychological problems. Rentree was set up to meet the need for specialized (intensive) guidance in the context of returning to work after cancer or continuing work during treatment.

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